Language Development : listen, talk, ask
  Intellectual Development : drawing, painting, music, sand play,
blocks, puzzles, books.
  Preschool & Kindergarten
Reading : Phonics, Comprehension, Study Skills
Language Arts : Listening, Oral, and Written Language
  Mathematics : Problem Solving, Number System, Computation,
Measurement, Shapes, and Patterns
  Science : hands-on Science Projects

After School

Help with Homework
Free tutoring for those who are in need (early sign-up needed)
Extra help for the following subjects: Reading (Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and
Study Skills) Language Arts (Spelling, Handwriting, Oral, and Written Language) Mathematics (Problem Solving, Number System, Computation, Measurement, and Geometry)

Summer Program  
Academic Study : Reading & Debate, Writing & Grammer, Vocabulary, Math, Chinese,
Spanish, and Science.
Extra Curriculum Activities : Art (Pastel, Water Color, Origami...etc) Dance, Computer,
Tae Kwon Do, Chess, Basic Robotics, Lego, and Cooking Class.
Field Trips : Museum, Science Center, Bowling...etc.